New Blog

For years I've hosted this blog on Wordpress and my own infrastructure. It's been a pain in the dick, to put it mildly. There's always been some configuration to tweak, some performance to be tuned. Even pushing these things off and deferring them until later is exhausting to think about.

So I pulled it into a static site generator tool called Eleventy. It's so wonderfully easy to use. Markdown files go in one end, and static, bare-bones HTML pops put the other end. Instead of worrying about how PHP and MySQL are configured I can get back to what I truly enjoy: endlesly tweaking my blog's HTML and CSS.

As for hosting, I've turned to the fine service offered by Netlify. Their terms of service don't explicitly mention adult content, but this post on their support forum clarifies their position.

A large part of me considered deleting my old posts and starting fresh, but I think it's worth it to be able to go back and look at where I was versus where I am now. Plus, Texas Boy says I have to.

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