Twenty Twenty Two

I don’t particularly care for year in review posts. My preference is to look ahead, towards what the future has in store. And then I inevitably spend way too much time looking back at my photos from the past, so I’m probably full of crap.

ANYWAY, I think 2022 deserves a special recap because it was a truly stupendous year for me; at least since I met LZ. Without making a long story longer than it has to be, ever since 2014 I’ve suffered with debilitating anxiety. It affected my day to day life, kept me from doing the things I enjoyed, and ruined multiple good things. It wasn’t completely incapacitating; I managed to do a lot of stuff, but it definitely put a damper on my ability to do stuff. Towards the end of 2021 I finally got my medication dosage right (e.g. got prescribed more) and holy moly.

The first sign that things were looking up for me was when Leo asked if I wanted to join him and some other friends at an abandoned prison in Florida. Previously, I would have hmm’d and haw’d over it before ultimately saying no thanks, or recommending someone else to take my place. This time though, I just said yes. This turned out to be a wonderful adventure that led directly into my first trip to Hampton a few months later. And that was just my first trip there, I’ve been back there times since then! On top of that, I also did IML, several trips with friends, and all sorts of vacations and other traveling. I even changed jobs and got a significant pay raise in the process. New friendships were forged, and I strengthened existing relationships with my chosen family.

So here’s to the rest of 2023, and finally feeling like I’m where I want to be.