(it stands for OJ TechnIcal Services)

Do you have a blog, website, application, or other internet presence? Do you have questions, need technical support, or just plain don't know where to start?

Since 2015, I've been managing websites and offering my technical expertise to greater kink community. Here's a few places where my experience shines.

The migration of the MetalbondNYC website to a new server had a lot of moving parts:

  • Server migration, inclding content and database
  • A brand new theme, built as a child theme of the Twenty Fourteen theme
  • A robust backup solution, completely automated and powered by Amazon S3
  • Ongoing monthly support to keep Wordpress up to date & whatever other issues crop up

FCJ needed a better way to manage visits to the jail, and I built it. FCHJIPS is a fully-featured scheduling application that meets the unique needs of FCJ. Users have inmate and guard profiles, allowing them to request inmate sentences and guard shifts independently of each other. Details, such as medication schedules and likes/dislikes can be managed from a cental source-of-truth. Did I mention there's also an extremely functional calendar view as well?

I'm working closely with SoFloKinkVids to overhaul their AWS infrastructure in an effort to reduce costs and increase security.

Every version of my site has been hand-built, including this one. With generation 4, tallglassofoj.org is now a static website powered by Eleventy, hosted at Netlify, and styled with TailwindCSS. I've added a custom shortcode to handle displaying optimized images, and automatically upload them to S3 and Cloudfront[1]. If you look closely you can even see the lazy-loading images script at work.

I make my living as a talented, full-stack developer, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. So you know that my work is going to be the best possible.

Ready to talk? Here's where we can get in touch.

  1. Disabled for now, as it proved unnecessary. ↩︎