Burn Unit: Transformus

“Well that makes it three for three then guys”, I say from the backseat of my friend’s truck. Crammed in between sleeping bags and tents, I’m taking one last look at the weather before I lose cell service. The picture is grim. We’re not going to let this deter us though.

Transformus, the North Carolina burn has been on everyone’s mind since Alchemy back in October. The last few months have been a whirlwind of planning, preparation and costuming. After two burns of “winging it”, my group has a cohesive theme that came together thanks to the hard work of a lot of people.

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Burn Unit: Euphoria

Compared to this, Alchemy was a walk in the park. As before, I arrived on Thursday, but I wasn’t the last in this time. The weather that night was balmy, straddling the line between shorts and pants. The tent went up quickly, everything inside tucked away. I even had a chance to swap my street clothes for my amazingly tiny black shorts.

And then the temperature started to drop. This time though, we’d thought ahead and brought a propane patio heater to set up a “hot tent” in a 10×10 pop up with walls. Of course, the box didn’t have all the parts we needed, to hook up the propane so it sat cold and lifeless in the middle of the tent for a few hours.

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Burn Unit: Alchemy

Burning Man is a Big Deal™ that gets held every year in the middle of the Nevada desert. What makes it such a big deal are the Ten Principles practiced by its participants: radical inclusion, gifting, decommodification, radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, civic responsibility, leave no trace, participation and immediacy.

That, and the giant burning man. Yeah, this is a hippy thing.

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Do Whatever The Fuck You Want Guard

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately you might have noticed there’s been a LOT of talk about Old vs. New guard and all sorts of stuff. At the same time, there’s been a parallel movement to bring some sense and order to how things work. More than once I’ve made jokes about establishing “Kinky RFCs”, which Loki was quick to point as being a terrible idea.

So, I’ve got a new proposal. It’s called “Do Whatever The Fuck You Want Guard” and it works like this:

  1. Does it give you a boner? If so, keep doing it.
  2. Tell people about it. 

That second bit is the important one. Write a blog post about it, stick it in a FetLife note, toss it up on Tumblr, snap a pic for Twitter or just add it as an afterthought to your Recon profile. But do tell the world what you’re up to. You wouldn’t believe how much inspiration I can get from one picture or even just a sentence lexapro anxiety. That inspiration drives new scene ideas, which in turn lead to more inspiration and snowballs into more kink. Which is what we all want, right?

In the spirit of putting my money where my mouth is, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

The sub in question here indicated an interest in exhibitionism/cmnm so I capitalized on that. The items in the chair (kneepads and a blindfold) further reinforced his loss of control over the situation and helped put him in the right submissive headspace. I believe the results speak for themselves:

What other instructions would help set the scene?

IML Part 1

For years, I’ve dreamed about going to IML in Chicago. Even before I was legally supposed to know it existed, I knew about it and knew that I had to get there eventually. Unfortunately, real life conflicted multiple times over multiple years and prevented me from attending. This year though, I pinched my pennies and moved my schedule around so that I could make it up.

I woke up that Thursday morning and immediately had a full on panic attack (I really, really hate flying). Eventually I managed to make it down to the airport and rendezvous with @PupOnThePile(gearpup) and @armypup86(Leo) at the gate. Southwest/Airtran may be cheap and they may allow free checked baggage, but the assigned seating can be a bitch and a half. Luckily for me there was an open seat next to Leo that I was able to snag. Being able to talk to him and the other guy in our row helped me calm down considerably. By the time we landed, I was actually feeling pretty ok. We landed, I left Leo and gearpup at baggage claim and snagged a taxi downtown.

Due to some shuffling/hotel failure, my group and I didn’t have a room for Thursday night at the host hotel, so we were planning to stay around the corner and move in the morning. I crashed in the lobby and caught up on some work while I waited for @Spanthrall to arrive and check in to the room. I’d never met him aside from exchanging messages on Recon/Twitter, but what I’d seen didn’t leave me too worried. We headed up to the room and chitchatted for a while while we waited for his friend RooTechnika to meet up so we could go do touristy things.

I’m not a particularly seasoned traveler, but the few places I have been have always failed to impress when I compare them to Atlanta. Chicago is the sole exception to that rule.

We only managed to see the Sears tower and the Millennium Bean, but in the process we rode on the busses and trains of the CTA and walked all over The Loop. I was floored. In fact, I think I may be in love with Chicago.

After we got back to the hotel, we walked in on BondageAviator(BA) in the middle of a scene with PupTroy. Unlike almost every other scene I’ve ever been around, this one had zero overhead. It quickly turned into a jovial hangout of sorts; Just guys who like bondage hanging out. This would become a recurring theme throughout the weekend. BA and Troy finished up and returned to “street legal”. Spanthrall and RT decided to head out for some more sight seeing and I elected to roll over to the host hotel lobby with BA and Troy.

The overall temperature and difficulty in changing meant that I opted to wear normal street clothes in the lobby. This wrong was quickly corrected when BA handed me a singlet and sent me to change in the restroom. That definitely helped me get into the swing of things. I also had the opportunity to meet YngMstrDetroit and his husband as well. Next thing I knew and we had a whole group of people congregated in one corner of the lobby just socializing. BA wanted to go say hi to some other friends of his though so we bid YngMstrDetroit goodnight we headed for the elevators.

Very quickly I found myself getting introduced to Mplsguy, someone else I had been looking forward to meeting for quite some time. BA wasn’t going to let me off with just a handshake though and pretty much threw me under the bus. I very quickly found myself bare ass naked and strapped down to a bed, getting the ever loving crap edged out of me (pics). To date, I think that was one of the most intense and amazing orgasms I’ve ever had.

After that, Leo and gearpup arrived and we spent an hour or so socializing before BA and I retired back to the room for some much needed sleep. More to come.

What’s New

@armypup86 and his partner have led the charge on setting up a handful of amazing play parties over the last few weeks. Null and I have both had the opportunity to experience some fun scenes with awesome folks that we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. Those two are literally the best ?Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

After an annoying run-in with an obnoxious spambot on Recon earlier this afternoon, I posted the content of its profile (and some hashes) to a new page here (fitting music). Hopefully I can start a collection. Talking to people on Recon already sucks, we don’t need spambots adding to that noise*.

New Server Smell

After years and years of relying on a managed shared hosting server, I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth is and whip my own personal server into shape and here it is!

For those curious individuals out there, I’m doing something radically different and using nginx as my HTTP server (instead of Apache). Do let me know if something appears to be broken.

And, as always, if you need help with your WordPress blog, be it minor CSS changes or significant plugin development, I’m your man. Just ask @TiedFeetGuy, I got his Captured Heroes Blog ship-shape in (almost) no time flat.

Things may happen

Like I said, part of puppy play for me revolves around the inherent humiliation of being dehumanized, especially if forced. This is sort of my fantasy/idealized scene, parts of which I’ve done before, parts of which I still want to do.

I dunno what I did wrong. You haven’t told me. Maybe I didn’t do anything wrong and you’re just in a mood. It doesn’t matter really. All I know is that you told me a few weeks ago that I should fight back and so here we are. The fact that you’re stronger, bigger than me means that I don’t really have a chance. Even if I manage to wriggle one of my wrists free you can still grab my collar and pull it tight so it starts choking me until I comply. Compliance. That’s a fun word. But you’ll have to earn it from me today. Punish me. Hurt me. Break me. This is getting borderline primal at this point. I’m pinned now. Your legs crushing my arms into my sides, legs flailing helplessly. You had it all planned out you son of a bitch! The mitts are right there, how could I miss them? You’ve got one of my wrists now, angled just so you’ve got full control. I know what’s coming next, it’s all downhill for me after this point. “Fuck you!” I spit, as I splay my fingers. It’s no use though. The mitt goes on, the belt gets pulled tight (my comfort be damned) and a padlock goes through the locking post. Wrist released and returned to my side, moving onto the other one now. The process repeats itself. You roll off me and I spring up, trying to fling the mitts off with momentum, then my teeth. “Aww, puppy doesn’t like his paws?” you chuckle.
“Fuck you! Get these off me!” I yell.

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