IML Part 1

For years, I’ve dreamed about going to IML in Chicago. Even before I was legally supposed to know it existed, I knew about it and knew that I had to get there eventually. Unfortunately, real life conflicted multiple times over multiple years and prevented me from attending. This year though, I pinched my pennies and moved my schedule around so that I could make it up.

I woke up that Thursday morning and immediately had a full on panic attack (I really, really hate flying). Eventually I managed to make it down to the airport and rendezvous with @PupOnThePile(gearpup) and @armypup86(Leo) at the gate. Southwest/Airtran may be cheap and they may allow free checked baggage, but the assigned seating can be a bitch and a half. Luckily for me there was an open seat next to Leo that I was able to snag. Being able to talk to him and the other guy in our row helped me calm down considerably. By the time we landed, I was actually feeling pretty ok. We landed, I left Leo and gearpup at baggage claim and snagged a taxi downtown.

Due to some shuffling/hotel failure, my group and I didn’t have a room for Thursday night at the host hotel, so we were planning to stay around the corner and move in the morning. I crashed in the lobby and caught up on some work while I waited for @Spanthrall to arrive and check in to the room. I’d never met him aside from exchanging messages on Recon/Twitter, but what I’d seen didn’t leave me too worried. We headed up to the room and chitchatted for a while while we waited for his friend RooTechnika to meet up so we could go do touristy things.

I’m not a particularly seasoned traveler, but the few places I have been have always failed to impress when I compare them to Atlanta. Chicago is the sole exception to that rule.

We only managed to see the Sears tower and the Millennium Bean, but in the process we rode on the busses and trains of the CTA and walked all over The Loop. I was floored. In fact, I think I may be in love with Chicago.

After we got back to the hotel, we walked in on BondageAviator(BA) in the middle of a scene with PupTroy. Unlike almost every other scene I’ve ever been around, this one had zero overhead. It quickly turned into a jovial hangout of sorts; Just guys who like bondage hanging out. This would become a recurring theme throughout the weekend. BA and Troy finished up and returned to “street legal”. Spanthrall and RT decided to head out for some more sight seeing and I elected to roll over to the host hotel lobby with BA and Troy.

The overall temperature and difficulty in changing meant that I opted to wear normal street clothes in the lobby. This wrong was quickly corrected when BA handed me a singlet and sent me to change in the restroom. That definitely helped me get into the swing of things. I also had the opportunity to meet YngMstrDetroit and his husband as well. Next thing I knew and we had a whole group of people congregated in one corner of the lobby just socializing. BA wanted to go say hi to some other friends of his though so we bid YngMstrDetroit goodnight we headed for the elevators.

Very quickly I found myself getting introduced to Mplsguy, someone else I had been looking forward to meeting for quite some time. BA wasn’t going to let me off with just a handshake though and pretty much threw me under the bus. I very quickly found myself bare ass naked and strapped down to a bed, getting the ever loving crap edged out of me (pics). To date, I think that was one of the most intense and amazing orgasms I’ve ever had.

After that, Leo and gearpup arrived and we spent an hour or so socializing before BA and I retired back to the room for some much needed sleep. More to come.