Weekend Fun

This past weekend was interesting...

Friday Leo hit me up a few hours before work let out to invite me along to grab coffee and meet a new guy in town who was curious to play. I'm always happy to do that, so we spent two hours at a local Starbucks explaining what the scene in Atlanta is like and answering questions. I hope we see more of the new guy (seriously, he's damn cute).

Saturday I once again found myself in the company of Leo and his partner along with a whole raft of other guys to go walk around a local street art festival. It was an interesting if not underwhelming experience. I spent most of that evening (and subsequent game night) wandering around, sarcastically wondering aloud "What is art?" Fun times.

Sunday Things started out pretty mundane until Loki tweeted that he needed to tie someone up. I volunteered almost immediately, seeing as how I'm always happy to get tied up. 90% of the time when we play, I'm usually bare-ass naked. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I've got a metric ton of fetishes I don't explore very often. This time, I took the initiative and changed into my karate uniform as soon as we got down to the playroom. I was expecting him to have a problem with that but he didn't object. With that hurdle hurdled he got started with the rope. He started off by wrapping a length around my eyes as a blindfold, followed by another length to restrain my wrists and anchor the blindfold rope. More rope was used to build a foundation harness around my upper arms and chest. Two more lengths were tied to the front of the harness and then crossed over the top of my head and anchored to the back of the harness. This forced my head back, leaving my mouth totally exposed. Loki added a sneaker over my nose(yay!) and strapped my ankles to my thighs, effectively hogtying me. Unfortunately, the ropes securing my head in place had come loose and I was able to wriggle my head mostly free. At this point, Hunter arrived and Loki spent a few minutes getting him trussed up for a flogging. I wriggled out of the way and asked Loki if he could yank a blindfold hood over my head (I wanted a way to keep myself occupied). Hunter got flogged, I humped the floor and eventually managed to wriggle out of the ropes around the time Loki finished abusing Hunter. Everyone got off and we managed to spend about an hour in the hot tube before it started raining. A very excellent afternoon and a fun weekend.

Some pics of Loki's ropework

Atlanta Pride is this next weekend. Unfortunately my previous plans fell through, but I'm still going to try to make the best of it :)