Holy shit it's a recap!

I am now officially, hopelessly behind on recapping events and scenes by about a year, so it's time to admit defeat, recap what I can remember and start with a clean slate.

Two boys visited Atlanta in the last couple weeks and I managed to get a few hours in with both of them. The first one found himself mitted and chained to a bed in his hotel room for a good bit while I basically abused the hell out of him. I also got  to do a bit of (for me,) very rare chair bondage, which is always fun. What's even better is gagging someone and tying off their collar so they end up drooling all over themselves. That's what I mean when I say I enjoy loss of control :P.

The second visitor, all the way from Mexico City had a few hours free one evening this week so I was more than happy to toss a singlet on him and give him one hell of an edging. It's really amazing what happens when you tell someone they're not allowed to get off...

SomaBoyAtl and PupAce have both proven to be exceptionally fun play partners. I got to spend some quality time with both of them at the last Dominion. Speaking of which, did you know we've pulled off 13 Dominion parties now? I'm pretty amazed at that. Dan pointed out that we've been drama-free so far (knock on wood), and that's pretty cool. What's even cooler is that this most recent party was a bunch of guys' first time, and all of them said they had a blast.

Up next? I'm all but certain a friend of mine from Florida will be in town for pride weekend, a visit two years in the making. It's simultaneously incredibly exciting but also absolutely terrifying for reasons I can't properly explain. There's zero reason for it to go sour though, so I need to stop psyching myself out. After pride is a burning man -styled event in Georgia followed by nothing exciting until IML 2014 (which I need to start planning for).

There you have it. Everything exciting from the last few months. Whee!