Jumping the snark

For a more insightful reaction, see Loki’s response as well.

Race Bannon wrote a thing about educators in BDSM. He also said

…when I posted my initial reaction to his piece.

Immature on my part? Almost certainly. Justified? I think so. His piece is chock full of delightful little tidbits like:

I believe that some of the “educators” are working from an unconscious dynamic of fear and envy. These are folks who were never any fun in the first place and are working to suck the fun out of anything somebody else might do.


It seems that the same thing is true for many of our “educators.” These folks are often not very skilled in their presentations or events that they organize.


We have allowed these castrated educators to completely de-eroticize what is meant to be hot, sexy and edgy. How many times have we seen powerful, playful, erotic energy destroyed by the rule bound eunuchs who claim that there is a “right” way to do things?

Oh for shit’s sake. That is one of the most ignorant and ultimately hurtful statements I’ve ever read. I’ve done Loki’s pup play class five times now, and every single time, he goes over outrageously important safety issues like “don’t give human pups real dog food” and “make sure they don’t overheat”. Nitro’s class on breathplay at CAPEX was easily 75% safety issues because breath play is fucking dangerous. We’re not “castrated eunuchs” by any definition of the word! I’ve got the bite marks to show it! Loki, Nitro and every other presenter I’ve been in a class with have all invited the attendees to experience what they just demonstrated at the end. 1763’s education forums are specifically DESIGNED to give people a new experience if they want it Get More Info. Shit, every class at 1763 is followed up by open dungeon play that lasts until 2am.

Ask yourself, when was the last lecture or demo that gave you a hardon? AND, if it did, what were you “allowed” to do with it?

The last demo I attended was one on discreet public play at SouthEast LeatherFest. You bet your sweet ass I got a boner. I was “allowed” to get up and be a demo bottom myself, or experiment with some of the presenter’s various toys once the class was finished (I chose to do neither of those things, I was sleepy). But I sure as hell borrowed some of those ideas later on that weekend.

Are you telling me you want some brand new, 21 year old guy to go out and start doing breath play?

I learned from my two new friends that they have no interest in being “educated” about BDSM. They want to EXPERIENCE IT.

Because that’s exactly what your two new friends are going to do. Or they’re going to stumble across one of those profiles on Recon that’s chock-full of pics from the net.

I hope the demos done in front of large spectator groups will be recognized for what they are…they are entertainment. It is to BDSM what a strip show is to sex. It is pandering. It is freak-show

I’m beginning to wonder if you’ve bothered to attend a class in the last two years or so. Sure, maybe some of these demos and events are more pander-y than others, but even then, they’re demonstrating proper scene etiquette and flow. God forbid we try to show people that “twue BDSM” isn’t like what you see on Bound Gods and every other fucking gay kink porn site out there.

The good old days when being a member of a club or organization meant you had skills and credibility are gone.

I’ll let Loki handle this one.

Race, your post is ultimately going to do more harm than good. That fresh wind is blowing, but it ain’t a renaissance for your leather clubs of yesteryear. Education, whether you like it or not, is important and it’s not going anywhere.