Proof of life

Fuck me what a week. Again, Twitter followers get the full story, but the executive summary is:

So yeah. Dad's doing much better now, thank gods and the office managed to stay afloat. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time at their house and visiting relatives. By the time the weekend rolled around I was done with them. I tweeted that I seriously needed to get tied up and Loki was happy to accommodate me.

So he and I went to the eagle for what was supposed to be a puppy social/happy hour. It was neither of those things given the fact that we were the only two puppies there. We left after about an hour and wound up back at his place where I got stuck in a nice hogtie for a few hours.

As it turns out, this was about all I really needed in terms of subby time. When we reconvened on Saturday the atmosphere was much more aloof than the day before. Neither of us had any inclination as to how to kill a few hours. As it turned out, Loki needed some straitjacket and CBT time and I was happy to oblige him.

I'll be the first to admit that I lack some serious confidence when it comes to domming, but this scene with Loki went better than most. There wasn't really any room for any sort of overt Dom/sub play, just restraint and CBT so all I had to do was focus on that. Much more straightforward. So we did that, I got to try out my new medical restraints, he said he had fun so all in all I count it as a win.

Next up we had 1763's 10th Anniversary Party. Master Dan had been asked to put on a show of sorts and Loki had been enlisted to help. I tagged along as I'm known to do. The show turned out to be one of Dan's friends getting secured into the prism with chains and saran wrap whilst wearing a latex catsuit and gas mask. We then wrapped the entire prism in saran wrap and filled it with party balloons. It was, all in all, pretty damn neat.

Some other highlights of the evening:

This weekend, while far from being the best birthday ever (but still top five), was more proof that things aren't all bad. There's been some commiseration that the "young folks" aren't interested in kink education. That's a load of bullshit, as evidenced by around 250+ people watching and learning from various scenes at 1763 this past weekend. Young folks aren't interested in complaining about the way things used to be (he said, unironically) or sitting around and discussing things using parliamentary procedure.

My ability to dom? Still not dead. Getting better even. I hate saying that, I really do, but I definitely feel more confident tying people up than I did even six months ago (he said, unironically, again).

The office? Stronger than ever. Dad? Alive and kicking. I can't thank everyone on Twitter and elsewhere enough for the show of support. It really means a whole hell of a lot.

Everything's ok :)