Every time I bring this up I get chastised for being a "whiny subby puppy" or something along those lines. Granted, I am far more fortunate than a good many people I know/see on Recon and Twitter, but that's always seemed like a cheap shot to me. Furthermore, I'm having trouble elucidating what I *DO* want. Perhaps this will help.

I'm really not happy with the way I've been playing. Getting tied up and beaten or shocked or bitten senseless is fun, but I don't really enjoy it. Wanna know what I do enjoy? Being forced to strip while He watches. Being forced down on all fours into pup mode. Being left like that. I love having a well-worn boot or jockstrap shoved into my face, or even better, having it stuck there. I enjoy having my phone taken away, locked (not wiped) and useless to me. I enjoy wearing just my collar and a cock cage and not having a choice in the matter. I enjoy forced exercise, haircuts and having to ask (and not getting) permission to use the bathroom. Don't hang weights from my balls and slap my cock around, but do shove me into a sleepsack, or give me orders. Expect them to be followed and THEN flog me if I didn't. Hitting me with a whip doesn't do anything, grabbing my collar and forcing your feet in my face gives me a huge boner. Ditto for boot worship, or, hell, if you're into it, drag me to the shower and piss on me (not after incalculable cups of coffee though).

You wanna know what I've always wanted to try? Eye contract restrictions. Being forced to stand in a corner or in a stress position. Speech restrictions. Forced masturbation. Someone telling me what to wear or eat. Being left chained up somewhere (with just a loop of chain locked around my ankle). And I'm not joking when I say I like wearing stuff (not just restraints) and having it locked on.

If there's a balance between your sadism and my lust for power exchange, that's perfect. But if it's just me getting flogged or whipped (and not even tied to the cross), I'd rather seek my fun elsewhere. If you want to be on the receiving end of pain like that, great! I know a few guys who can help you out. If you'd rather try some of the stuff I listed, hit me up. The least I can do is dish it out.