Some levity

It’s been downright dreary around here, something more than one person has pointed out to me. Truth be told, I understand where they’re coming from. This blog is more of a diary than anything else and at times, it can make what I do seem like a hugely dramatic ordeal. That couldn’t be further from the truth. 99% of what happens is just plain old fun. Walk with me, let me show you what’s been going on lately…

This was from an afternoon Loki and I had together. I wanted to get tied up in my UnderArmour recharge suit (the #1 tightest, hottest gear I own) and he’s always down for tying me up. A TENS unit was applied to my cock and balls and He left me to squirm around on “random” while He did some work on the computer.

You’ve all seen the work Serious Male Bondage does with their deck restraints. After talking about it for a long time, Master Dan finally had the time, place and subs to try it out with. It was fun, but a bit uncomfortable. We’ll definitely revisit it later, hopefully with some more padding.

Spending some quality time with Sir at a party.

So, like I said, things can he a bit heavy at times but the majority of it is fun and games. I can and will definitely do a better job of recapping the fun stuff though. At the end of the day, I’m doing this because it’s fun.

PS: I also need to start posting my pics elsewhere, Recon profiles just suck unless you’re a paying member.