Got my frolic on

"Good boy" are the two words that set the theme for this past weekend at Frolicon 2012. I lost count of how many times Loki whispered those words in my ear in the dungeon, in our room or just out at a party. I did my fair share of this as well, as I spent two of the three dungeon parties mostly as a top. The weekend went so stupendously well, I can't even begin to decide where to start.

Let's just do a quick re-cap (this is anything but short at 3012 words). Thursday night I cleared out of work, scrambled him for my overnight bag and some toys and flew down the interstate to the Frolicon hotel. I managed to somehow arrive before everyone else in my group and had a few minutes to kill in the lobby after I got registered. I ran into Scott, got a room key from him and headed upstairs with the freshly-registered Loki to the room.

Disclaimer: I'm writing this a month after the fact, so some details are fuzzy or missing completely.

We got dinner across the street at Ruby Tuesday (RT count: 1) with Scott and Maylon before heading back to the hotel. While we were walking up the driveway, Emrys roared up next to us ("I'll give you $20 for a blow job kid, hop in) and I helped him navigate the labyrinth from the parking garage to the registration room. Note to anyone who reads this: Might be nice to put reg. next closer to the parking deck so people don't have to walk aaaaaallllll the way around to the front :)

Some time passed and we decided to check out the evening's play party, which was following the day's theme of "cops and robbers". Loki dressed out in His leather police uniform while I slipped into an orange jumpsuit (ooh look, the puppy can plan ahead a little!) before I put His boots on and laced 'em up. Emrys arrived shortly thereafter, Loki slapped a pair of handcuffs on me and off we went.

After spending far too long talking and people watching in the elevator lobby (everything goes slower when your hands are cuffed), we wandered down to the dungeon space. Loki quickly got my jumpsuit pulled down around my waist before cuffing my wrists to a metal frame and slapping the blackout hood on me.

Ok, now I play around women fairly frequently and let me just say that you ladies know how to yell when you're having fun. That said, I've got a pretty fantastic set of pipes myself. Between Loki's violet wand and teeth (He bites), I like to think we gave them a nice workout. Apologies to anyone who's eardrums we burst. Loki got me down a little later and gave me some much-needed aftercare before we packed it in and went upstairs to bed.

> What I looked like after that party

I should mention at this point that Emrys' birthday usually coincides with Frolicon and his gift from his owner (the fabulous shdwkitten) this year was giving his leash to Loki for the weekend.

For the sake of full disclosure, I had mixed feelings about the arrangement. Yes, I came onto the scene well after Loki and Emrys had met and yes, Emrys can take a hell of a lot more abuse than I can, but dammit, Loki is my Sir and I'm His pup. To make a long story short of it, I had a bit of trouble sharing when it came time to relax. After the party scene, the three of us headed back to the room. I needed to be up at an ungodly hour in the morning for school and Loki had to do… something. I forget what.

Now when it comes to "bedtime" with three puppies, sleep goes right out the window. When it comes to one (extremely tired) puppy having to get up early in the morning, that puppy is less-inclined to snuggle and just wants to sleep dammit! Eventually I got a few hours of shut-eye before waking up at 07:00.

School on Friday morning was, as always, an exercise in boredom. The one redeeming thing about it was that my pup collar was still locked on me from the night before. I spent way too much time running my fingers over the point where the padlock shackle goes through the locking peg. I was in a little endorphin headspace all morning.

Finally I got back to the hotel around 14:00 and walked in on Emrys and Loki having nap time, where nap time is defined as "doing anything but sleeping". Again, I was a little bit jealous, but it wasn't like I would have been able to join in anyway so I let that irritation go. We left the hotel to grab lunch at Ruby Tuesday again (RT Count: 2) with Emrys's owner, her wife and some other folks. Loki bailed out and decided to get some real nap time in before the men's play party at 16:00.

Lunch with Shdwkitten, Her wife, Emrys and more of the Charlotte crowd was a lot of fun. I had some serious concerns about fitting in, but everyone did a good job of making me feel welcome. I'm also pleased to say that I wasn't thrown under any (proverbial) busses either. On a more serious note, hanging out with Emrys helped a lot with my jealousy and I came away with a better understanding about how everyone's relationships were set up.

Lunch ended and we headed back to the hotel. Emrys and I went up to the room to get ready for the party, which mostly involved me pulling on my ninja costume and grabbing my gear bag. Loki was DMing and had already wandered down earlier.

The party itself was relatively… small. Maybe 10 guys there when we arrived and only one scene going on (Loki flogging Scott). One thing led to another and I found myself on the receiving end of a nice rope harness from Loki. He had a number of scenes to attend to and gave me permission to escape His ropework so He could focus. I'm hugely into ninja costumes and related role-play, so I was in bondage heaven for a few minutes trying to wiggle my way out. Definitely something to try again in the future.

We'd been chiding our friend Kirk to come down and relax a little and he finally relented and showed up at the play party. Since Loki was busy and I had just gotten free, He suggested I put a rope harness of my own on Kirk and wrap him in saran wrap (two things Kirk absolutely loves). I was a bit nervous doing this. At last year's Frolicon, Pup Grumpers had wrapped Kirk to a table with some saran wrap and subjected him to an intense interrogation scene, something he raves about all the time. But when I checked on Kirk later, he was in a happy place having his feet tormented by Scott.

History, I've noticed, has a habit of repeating itself. Last year's Frolicon resulted in Grumpers and his partner meeting Master Dan and Loki. Fittingly, this year we met a new boy from Tallahassee (who's name I can't remember, so I'll call him Tallahassee) and gave him his first few experiences with bondage and other kinky things.

Few more points worth going over from that party:

By this point it was 19:00 and everyone was hungry so we all hoofed it across the street for an interminable wait at Ruby Tuesday (RT Count: 3). In the interest of getting in and our relatively quickly, we decided to split into groups of four. I wound up sitting with Tallahassee, Scott and Maylon. We had a nice conversation and I was able to answer a lot of Tallahassee's questions, something I consider an important first step for someone new to the scene.

Everyone was exhausted so we decided to pack it in and hit the hay. Loki and I said our goodnights and crawled into bed for some real, actual sleep.

Saturday. The day to end all days. Classes, DMing, shopping, socializing, parties. Everything happened on Saturday. First things first though: find some breakfast. Luckily for us, the folks in the con suite had a nice buffet laid out and after Loki and I had our fill we headed down a few floors to Archer and Elegant's Hair of the Dog Party. We chitchatted for a bit before heading back to the room to prepare for our classes of the morning.

One point of interest in the last eight months has been my virginity. Yes, shock and horror, OJ is(was) a virgin. It's always been the 800-lb gorilla in the room. I had a plan in my mind that Loki would punch my v-card at SELF, roughly a year after I first entered the community. A neat set of bookends if you will. I'm poetic like that. I also desperately wanted to be tied up for it, because, well, duh. Improvisation is more fun though, and what started out as another restless morning rapidly escalated to Loki breaking out the lube and wrecking His boy. God help me it hurt like a bitch but I loved every second of it. I think in the long run, the fact that He did this had a tremendous effect on the jealousy I was feeling towards Emrys from the night before. Sure, He has fun with the other members of our pack, but I'm still special.

When the schedule for classes was first posted on the Frolicon website, I was immediately drawn to the listing for a Hojo Jutsu class. In layman's terms, Hojo Jutsu is a Japanese martial art of restraint. Think applied Shibari. The ropework is brutal, effective, and usually practiced on guys wearing karate uniforms. I was sold. Unfortunately, my creeping feelings of disappointment were confirmed when we arrived and found an almost empty room and a boring looking speaker going through some powerpoint slides. Loki summed it up best: "You know a class is going to be boring when it's about ropework and there's no rope in sight".

We decided to check out a class on suspension instead, since it's something Loki's been very curious about. Compared to the Hojo Jutsu class, this one was like stepping into an MIT lecture. The presenter was knowledgeable, personable demonstrating some useful techniques in front of an actual audience. Amazing. Unfortunately, Loki had to DM the men's sparking party so we snuck out quietly and headed back down to the dungeon.

I've never really been into spanking, so it was fitting that Loki sent me off to collect Jon, who had just arrived for the day. He and I decided to wander around the vendor market for a while. The selection here was surprisingly decent. There was a heavy focus on women's clothing and more sci-fi related goods but enough BDSM-y knickknacks that I was happy. I found one vendor selling SAP gloves, which are basically gloves with buckshot sewn into the knuckles for cops etc. Ooooh I love 'em. (We ran into Grumpers who asked if I had the keys to the restraints he'd been wearing since last night "No, they're not on me…" "THANK YOU")

Pup Pepper rendezvoused with Jon and I and we headed back down to meet up with Loki at the party. Pepper got a chance to get acquainted with the new gloves on a bench in the last few minutes before the party ended. With that, everyone packed up their stuff and headed back upstairs to the market. Loki had a few purchases to make from the violet wand guy and I'd spotted a cheap puppy hood earlier. Once everyone's wallets had been properly flogged, we headed back up to the room to order pizza and hang out with Master Dan and Alvin, who had decided to come down and hang out for a while.

Also: THANK GOD FOR PIZZA. Ruby Tuesday is a terrible, terrible restaurant that can't cook a goddamn burger the right way and chokes when they get a crowd from the convention hotel across the street. I mean damn.

Everyone hung out and chatted for a couple of hours. New paddles were broken in, florentine dragon tails entered the realm of reality, Scott and Maylon both decided they needed the same gloves I had. Emrys came down to grab a few slices and hang out. Leo and Pup Trekker showed up with a harem of furries and army boys (sidebar: apparently Loki and I are completely invisible to this one guy. No idea why. Kinda annoying). The room got surprisingly crowded pretty fast. Eventually though it slimmed down back to normal occupancy. Dan and Alvin bid their goodbyes and headed out, leaving just Loki, myself, Scott, Maylon and Pepper (locked in the neoprene hood) in the room.

Loki wanted to check out the class on temporary violet wand branding, so I unlocked Pepper's hood and headed downstairs with Sir. I was a bit uneasy about leaving Pepper with Scott and Maylon, but my fears were unfounded when Pepper found me later and enthusiastically regaled me with what had happened after I left (cuddling! yey!).

The branding class was a bit intimidating compared to some of the other ones I'd sat in on, but after the instructor compared it to real branding, I calmed down a bit. It was actually really useful, definitely something to think about in the future. Loki and I have discussed me getting a tattoo, but a violet wand branding might be a better option since it's not permanent. We'll have to see what happens there.

As always, Loki had to DM the main dungeon party, so we had to sneak out early. I ran into Pepper and put on my topping cap, telling him to go upstairs, grab some toys and change into my karate uniform. He obliged and 30 minutes later was in fist mitts and tied to a chair while we waited for a piece of dungeon furniture to open up. It had become apparent that that would not be happening anytime soon when Shdwkitten and Emrys wandered over. The wrestling mats had just opened up and we pounced on them after Shdwkitten suggested that Pepper and Emrys get their romp on. Unfortunately, Loki just got off His shift and decided to subject Kirk to some violet wand foot torture in one corner of the mats. So here we had two pups playing hard enough to break Emrys' tail less than three feet away from glass tubes and electricity. I put on my topping hat once again and made sure to keep myself between Sir and the pups.

They romped for about three hours before everyone was too tired to play anymore. Everything got packed up and we headed back to the elevators to try and get upstairs. The line when we got there was about 50 people deep so we were in for a wait.
…until the coolest maintenance guy ever grabbed our chunk off the end of the line and showed us to the service elevator! What was looking like at least an hour of standing around turned into a quick walk behind the scenes and before we knew it, Loki, Pepper and I were back in the room (Emrys had gone to check in with Shdwkitten). We decided to go check out some of the room parties before turning in for the night. I insisted that Loki break out His wrestling singlet, as He'd spent most of the weekend layered up in either His formal leathers or Nasty Pig neoprene vest/chaps.

We bounced around for an hour or so before landing in Grumper and his partner's room where we met up with Pup Trekker, Leo and their army boy. We all chatted for a bit. Grumper's partner entertained some of their female friends with the violet wand for a while, Loki and Trekker planned some more mischief, everyone had a good time. And then the fire alarm went off.

My sincerest fuck you to whoever pulled it at 01:34 in the morning. I was tired. I was hungry. I was emotionally drained. Loki was a little bit tipsy. It was scary, it was confusing and I came *this* close to hitting a breaking point. I wish you nothing but a thousand thousand potential playmates that never show up and an eternity of ruined scenes.

Hokay, so, after that we pretty much decided to call it a night. Pepper had to get home, Emrys needed to get back to his owner and Loki and I needed some personal time.

Morning arrived and we rolled out of bed, knowing that we could avoid the crowds if we left early. That was fine with me, I can't stand the last day of a convention. The feeling of "the end", that this awesome weekend won't happen again for a year pervades every nook and cranny of the hotel. It's a wretched feeling. Loki drove me back to Decatur and decided at the last minute to grab breakfast. Coincidentally, we sat next to the lady who had given Loki His first boobie fondling experience (Quote Shdwkitten later: "You mean the guy who I've had a crush on for years is grabbing boobs and no one told me?!"). He took me home and that was it. Frolicon 2012.

Earlier I mentioned some jealousy issues I had regarding Emrys. In the end, whatever issues I had evaporated. My role Saturday night at the dungeon party and just hanging out with him in general put me at ease. I suspect that there is some definite hierarchy starting to take shape within our "pack" as it were (something I'll expound on when I recap SITS in my next post).