Assorted Musings

This was originally written as an email and never intended to be made public, but He thinks it'll work so I've attached it below. Additional notes and context are italicized. Apologies in advance for the excessive use of smiley faces.

Sunday: Couple of things that I think might be worth putting on paper…

1. [REDACTED] The short version is that I made an excellent punching bag for a friend that needed to unwind after a crappy week.

2. Holy CRAP I loved the breath control. I've written before about how I love getting tied up and losing control but this took it to a whole new level. Definitely something I'd like to do more of. The parts where Leo cut me off completely were fun, but your breathing down the tube was a huge turn-on.

3. Pup play is probably my #1 interest right now. I've done a little here and there, as you've noticed and I think I'd like to shift into some sort of hybrid boy-pup…mentality? I dunno, can't really explain it. Am I allowed to switch titles like that, or merge them both?

4. [REDACTED] I've been popping boners lately when I remember that I don't have a key for the chain collar at all right now. The redacted bit was a few similarly themed thoughts along those lines. I'm not going to kiss and tell.

5. As much as I complain and beg about being able to shoot, I do enjoy it and the payoff is going to be oh-so-worth-it. Plus you like the begging right? :P

Currently 3 days short of not cumming once for the entire month of November.

So, this evening [Monday] I had some free time and decided to break in the hogtie clips.

I picked up one of these a few weeks ago from 1763, hadn't had a chance to play with them yet

Meh. If I'd had these three years ago, I'd be using them every time I played, but now the only thing they're good for is a quick hogtie and grinding wank (which I can't do anymore). I think the only way they can be used effectively is if the victim is wearing mitts.

That said, I did spend a few minutes hogtied wearing my cycling kit and your blindfold hood (which I keep forgetting to give back to you, along with the hat...). A jockstrap + cup made a nice improvised chastity device that kept most of the pressure off my cock.

Seriously, ready to burst over here.

There I was, smashing a couple of locks closed, had a bit of a brainwave, inspired by that serious pup play article posted on nosafeword. I think it looks damn hot, judge for yourself.

I really enjoyed that position, especially because it wasn't horribly uncomfortable and it just felt kinda... natural, I guess? Can we add his to the list of things to try sometime?

Anyway, your(my) cock has seen better days.

I'm uncut, so wearing a chastity device (a bon4 in my case) for extended periods poses a number of issues, so Loki gave me permission to take it off and let things readjust for a day or two. Any recommendations for a device uncut guys can use?

I'm not sure what caused it, but there's a patch of skin that's red and extremely painful when I touch it (rest assured I will definitely NOT be shooting), along with the foreskin around the head. I'll see if it clears up any over the next day or two and keep you posted. I think any future device use is going to necessitate proper foreskin placement to avoid any kinks when it comes to using the restroom. All that aside, it is nice to be able to wear my speedo or the singlet comfortably again.