B&L Weekend

This is a few weeks older than it should be :3 —-

The last four months have been such a whirlwind of activity and new experiences for me that writing about all of them has become an impossible task. That said, important watershed moments are still worth reflecting on and I think I’ve got a big one this time.

Atlanta Dominion was two weeks ago now and, as always, was a complete blast. Unfortunately, Loki had to be out of town on business so I was unable to play with him, but he was able to pass my leash(?) off to another couple, B and L. While I enjoy the hell out of what Loki and I do, it’s always good to experience different play styles every once in a while. On top of that, B and L don’t get into the Boy/sir dynamic either, it was an interesting change of pace to not have to end each sentence with “Sir”. All in all, things were more casual and laid back, it felt like I was on the same level as them, but I just happened to be the sub at the moment useful reference.

Anyway, onto the details.

Friday night marked another gear night at The Atlanta Eagle and we all decided to go after a quick dinner. I had originally been under the impression that B would be taking most of the lead regarding bondage and its application to me, but L proved to be a very capable top and had me trussed up in no time. One of the important aspects of my position as a leather boy is that I prefer to be told what to wear. L decided that he wanted me in my green flight suit and boots (OVER the pant legs) for the evening and I happily obliged. After about half on hour of going over and comparing gear (L has a HUUUUUUGE thing for winter gear) and with our departure to The Eagle rapidly approaching, L decided it was time to get me in something a little more leathery. He started off by sticking my hands in a pair of puppy mitts and strapping them on tightly. A clip between them ensured I wasn’t going to be doing anything on my own for the near future. A balaclava, blindfold and gag were quickly applied under a head wrap and I was left with little recourse but to get on my knees and wait for whatever was coming next. “Next” turned out to be a couple of leather belts attached to my elbows, forcing them close together behind my back and pulling my wrists into my stomach, restricting my movement even further.

Unfortunately, the restraints would be systematically removed as the night progressed. Before we got in the car, B insisted that my wrists be unclipped, citing Georgia law regarding consensual kink (there is no such thing according to them) and I had to ask that the gag and blindfold be removed (motion sickness). I was however able to spend the entire trip in the backseat of B’s car in the mitts with my elbows still restrained, which was a huge treat. Once we got to the bar, L removed the belts on my elbows so I was just wearing the mitts and I stayed like that for about an hour until L decided I’d had enough and removed them completely. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a teensy bit bummed out, I could have easily kept them on for the entire visit, but alas, no one wanted to push me that far.

We went back to B’s house before I bid them goodnight and left for the evening.

One of my least favorite parts about playtime is the waiting that leads up to it. The last few hours before a session with Sir, or the days before an event drive me insane. So to get around that I came up with the ingenious plan to stay up late on Saturday so I would wake up later on Sunday and be that much closer to Dominion. As such, I woke up at 10AM Sunday morning and had just enough time to eat, shower, shave and do all my prep before 1:30 rolled around and I had to leave.

Loki has been pushing me to get more into serving as a demo boy at events and such not, so I was eager to jump at the chance to act as the living art for the meet and greet portion of the party. Within 30 minutes of my arrival at 1763, Master Dan had me pinned with pipes in the cage and suspended a few inches off the floor. Never having been put on display like this before, the experience was interesting enough to warrant me doing it again at some point.

Once the ice had broken and everyone split off into the various dungeon rooms, Dan let me out of the cage and turned me over to B and L. So as not to push me too far too fast, L had me fetching extra supplies and such not for him to use while he tied B in one of the contraptions at 1763. Of course, this wasn’t my first rodeo and I was a teensy bit bored, but I didn’t want to say anything since B and L were busy doing their own thing. Dan came to the rescue with Loki’s straitjacket and I was quickly in an enforced self bear-hug, which is always fun.

My memory’s a bit fuzzy here, so I’ll skip ahead to the most exciting part of the evening: my first sleepsack experience. On the one hand, the experience of complete helplessness is exhilarating. L had to carry me around 1763 in order to get me in position for what came next and it was great. On the other hand, sleep sacks make it harder to get at the fun parts on the sub, but L (and a bunch of other folks too) got around that by tickling the crap out of me. After tying me to the rope web vertically, L strapped a muzzle over my head and blindfolded me while K and M (from last time) wandered over.

I’m not entirely sold on tickling. I understand the reasons for it, but I’m one of those types who doesn’t really care for outrageously loud laughter in a scene. But that’s just like, my opinion, man, and it doesn’t really matter what I think once I’m strapped into a muzzle and shrieking like a tickle me Elmo. I am eternally thankful that there isn’t video from this event.

Once I’d had enough with the tickling and the sleep sack, L let me out so I could cool down to grab some water and a snack. After a few minutes in the break room, B took me back out into the main area and strapped into a heavy-duty Mr. S straitjacket that fit surprisingly well. I spent the remainder of Dominion in that and it was pure bliss, struggling against the thick, unforgiving leather every few minutes, resting on my knees when my back got too tired etc.

All too soon though, 7PM rolled around and it was time to clean up everything and head out. Equally remarkable were some of the other guys getting their play on. M (from last time) has serious wrestling fetish and it was awesome (and hot!) to see him in action with someone else finally (I wasn’t comfortable wrestling M last time due to some safety concerns on my part). K scored some time in the sleep sack after me and was on the receiving end of some awesome looking bastidano. Master Dan saw even more scenes along the same line that I didn’t even notice until I read about them on his blog.

All in all, I doubt this weekend would have been very much fun if B and L hadn’t agreed to hold my leash. I’m eternally grateful to the both of them and I look forward to more play with them (and everyone else) in the future.