Amateur Night at The Eagle

This past Friday, Loki/Sir dragged me out to Atlanta’s leather bar, The Eagle, mostly to introduce me to the friend’s He’s made in the last charm year or so and to show off His new boy (that’s me!). I was, of course, exceptionally nervous. I’ve never been to Kunde1 a gay bar before, let alone a gay leather bar. Had I not received my training collar two days before, I would have most likely backed out completely. However, seeing as how a collar means “hands-off” to almost everyone (even those not in the lifestyle), I felt ok about it.

Friday morning, Loki and I traded a flurry of IMs addressing my questions and concerns about the evening. I knew that, as his boy, He would have expectations for how I was to dress for the evening. Luckily for me, the dress code for a leatherboy is relatively straightforward: a t-shirt and jeans that fit, black leather boots laced over the pant legs and of course, a collar. Of course, the only boots I have are a pair of old-school, scuffed-to-all-hell combat boots I picked up at a thrift store for about $10 a few years ago. They were passable for a first-timer though, so I stuck with them.

Before I could do that though, I needed to swing by Target to grab a t-shirt, socks and belt to complete my leatherboy Dos ensemble. Part of my new position as Loki’s boy means that I have to wear the training collar as much as possible, including Target. I slipped it on in the parking lot (sans lock, baby steps, you know) and proudly strode through the doors. Part of me hoped that people would chicagobearsjerseyspop stare or point, another part hoped things would go smoothly. Fortunately, the latter is what actually happened. Perhaps it was the demographics of that particular store, or maybe collars are more mainstream now, but it was business as usual.

That done, my next stop was The Eagle to meet Loki for dinner before the evening began. I parked in the lot out back, He gave me a quick tour of the bar and then we went back outside so I could put on my boots before we walked up the street to grab some food. As I’ve said before, hanging out in a vanilla setting and talking shop is a lot of fun for me and this dinner was no exception.

With dinner over, we wandered back down to The Eagle and staked out a spot on the back porch. By this point I started to get into the boy mentality as best I could. I made an effort to stand out of the way, be as helpful as possible and basically let Loki enjoy me as He pleased. This mostly consisted of him holding me close in a bear hug and me floating off into subspace.

As the night wore on, more and more people started to arrive (it was, after all, a Friday) and I was able to meet some of the Злофоризм movers and shakers of Atlanta’s Gay Leather scene, including Sir Alan and his boy, Nitro, just back from winning the Mister International Leather Sir and boy titles for 2011 (congratulations to them both). Shortly after this Deep we Zinciri moved inside to where the Panther Leather/Levi Club (Panther LL) had taken over a bar to raise money for their community service projects.

We spent the remainder of the evening socializing and having our boots blacked by a pair of wonderful ladies getting ready to compete for a regional title at the end of La September. Loki informed that He expected me to become familiar with the bootblacking process as well. I’m sure there will be more of that in the near First future.