It's Saturday Night Bind!

EDIT: I also want to point out Loki’s expectations for someone in my position. It’s an excellent read.

Last weekend I managed to sneak away and spend a few hours with Loki (My new Sir) and some of His friends at Master Dan’s for an evening of playtime and related fun. As always, my expectations for this session were far exceeded by what actually happened, both in terms of what I experienced and the barriers I broke through.

Things started off fairly slow, Loki collared me right off the bat with a nice thick leather collar with an o-ring on the front. A few minutes later, I was sitting on a bench with my wrists chained behind my back in “timeout” because I had broken chastity that morning. I was however able to spectate DJ getting suspended in a straitjacket and K getting saran wrapped to a column and edged, so not all was lost.

Once those scenes were complete, I was released and promptly chained to the bench so that I was bent over it on my knees with my back exposed. Shortly thereafter I was blindfolded with the spandex hood and left to ponder what would come next. K was nice enough to give me a foot massage while Loki prepared for what was about to come. Suddenly the foot massage stopped and the room fell strangely quiet in anticipation. Completely out of nowhere I felt a sharp, burning sensation on my left shoulder blade. Wax play! It had been on my list of things that I wanted to try but I never expected to do it this soon. Seeing that I was perfectly happy to receive it, Loki continued dribbling tiny globs of liquid wax onto my back for the next 10-15 minutes. Thanks to plenty of reading on the subject, I knew that the strong and silent types suffered more pain with this sort of thing so I knew I’d be best off making as much noise as I felt necessary to lessen the pain. It didn’t get me very far when Loki unleashed a torrent of wax for the finale though.

After we finished up with that (and my back had been iced down and de-waxed), Loki, K and I regrouped downstairs to chat about the various experiences while we tried to figure out what would happen next. At least, that’s what K and I did, I get the impression that Loki had planned out the entire evening thanks to the homework assignment he gave me earlier in the week. After a few minutes, He had me lock a collar on K’s neck and toss him in the cage set up under Master Dan’s playroom. Once I rejoined him in the main room, He slowly pulled my singlet the rest of the way down and had me step out of it so I was standing in just my underwear. Then He put me in a bear hug and started bringing into subspace. Biting my ears, tickling my stomach and forcing my abs to clench, some light edging and kissing is all it took and I was His. I obediently followed Him back to the cage room where He had me sit on the edge of a mattress while He sat down next to me and held me close.

I was deep into subspace at this point but I knew what was coming next. We’d talked about it over IM earlier and I knew we were both ready. He had me lay down with my head in his lap, gazing up into His eyes. He smiled coyly as His hands ran up and down my arms, abs, crotch and legs. And then I felt one of His hands slip under the waistband of my underwear and start massaging my cock. I immediately tensed up, this was an unusual sensation for me. It had happened at previous events, but only through a singlet or underwear. No man had ever gotten this hands-on with me before. It was only going to get better though. After a few minutes of edging me he pulled the waistband almost all the way down so it propped up my cock and balls. I giggled, not believing what was happening to me. Of course, this ruined the mood and He told me to stop which only made it worse. So He held me down and slapped my cock, telling me again to stop laughing. By this point I was in complete hysterics, completely unable to control my laughter. Eventually I calmed down enough for Him to have me sit up so He could take my underwear all the way off and not give it back. Then He dragged me out of the cage room and back into the main area to help me get over my fear of public nudity.

A few appreciative comments about my endowment later and all my fear evaporated. Just like all the other barriers I’d broken through over the last four sessions, there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of. After some idle chitchat, Loki grabbed me by my collar and pulled me over the spanking bench, which I was promptly tied to. Holy hell did I feel vulnerable with my ass exposed like that. Loki knew that sex and related business is off limits, so it was quite obvious as to why I was tied down. My theory was confirmed as Loki grabbed a paddle from the nearby pile and started spanking me. Just like everything else, it started slowly and gradually worked up me to shouting “FUCK” after every hit. A few minutes in I was blindfolded with a padded disc blindfold while Loki continued to work me over, alternately beating my ass and teasing/edging me. Eventually He put a glove on one hand and worked on me with that. It was definitely a unique sensation, not knowing for sure if it was Him or someone else running their hands up and down my back. Deciding I’d had enough, He moved back towards my head and once again, taking advantage of my position, grabbed my hair and forced me to make out with him for a few moments.

He decided that I’d had enough of that and untied me before He slowly helped me off the bench and back on my feet. I hugged Him, got a glass of water and stole a seat on the couch between Him and K while Master Dan regaled us with stories and experiences from His past. Loki had me try on a silicone ball spacer (loved it) while K got a chance to try out the infamous ball crusher (veeeeeeery interested). I stood around for a few moments, and noting that nothing seemed to be happening, told Loki that I felt a little too free at the moment. Seeing as how he was in the middle of a mandatory break, Master Dan offered to let me try out his bondage bed.

Now this thing is a work of art. It’s a few layers of plywood+support beams, wrapped in leather and padding with metal hooks lining each side, suspended from the ceiling by six chains. It feels sturdy and it’s intimidating as hell. Combine that with Master Dan’s expert ropework and you’re in for one hell of a ride. Which is exactly what happened to me. He started slowly, loosely tying my wrists to the middle support chain with just enough slack so that I could almost-but-not-quite reach my cock. He then focused on securing my upper arms and followed up with an intricate web securing my thighs, legs and ankles in place. Once that was done, he took a smaller rope and ran it between my legs, crisscrossing back and forth between the harness. Now I couldn’t move my legs together or apart. He used a similar technique to secure my upper body: a smaller rope was crisscrossed over my arms and chest, looped around a hook on the edge and then the process was repeated. By the time he was done, the only things I could move were my feet and head. The former was addressed by means of a pulley and some rope tied to my foot and balls, so when I moved my foot, the rope Seattle pulled my balls. I stopped moving my feet shortly thereafter. The movement of my head was addressed by Loki joining us and holding it down, either with a hand on my forehead on with His lips on (in and around) my mouth.

What is bondage without torment though? Not content to let me lay there and stew in my haze of endorphins, Master Dan had the brilliant idea to stick every vibrator in the house on top of my cock. Keep in mind that Loki still hadn’t given me permission to shoot, so I was focusing most of my willpower on not making a mess. A few minutes of this though and I was about ready to lose it completely. All too soon they started untying me and the evening slowly wound down. Loki held me and helped me come back from the subspace I’d been in since the hot wax.

In the grand scheme of things, this was probably my most important session to date, Basic both in terms of what I was able experience and my developing relationship with Loki as my Sir. At the same time, the confidence boost I got from being naked in front of people is going to have a profoundly positive impact on future play plans. I’ve stopped feeling like some new kid who’s just trying to fake it and more like someone who could do this sort of thing for a long, long time. We’ll have to see what happens though.