The Deep End

Oh boy, I’ve done it now…

A few weeks ago, I told loki that I wanted to explore my submissive side by becoming his boy. Keep in mind that, a year ago, he was going through a similar process (which he documented on his blog) and that being a “sir” was a completely new experience for him.

But it looks like he caught the urge too so now here we are: Every time we’ve played together I’ve had a collar locked around my neck and his name is Sir. Jerking off without his First permission is verboten^1 and now I’ve wholesale nba jerseys got a homework assignment:

Loki: part of what’s in my raft is the willingness of the boy to do some introspection and occasional homework assignments. So here’s your assignment:

Loki: Four lists

Loki: 3-5 things you’ve done and loved, 3-5 things you’ve done and haven’t enjoyed

Loki: 3-5 things you really want to do

Loki: And anything that’s absolutely off limits

So there you have it. That’s me in a nutshell.

Footnotes #

  1. I’ve wholesale jerseys been under this rule for about 24 hours now and it goede sucks. At the same time though, I got up early this morning and was at work 45 minutes before I was supposed to be. Go figure.

  2. Side thought: I’m normally a very alpha, leader type person. Never thought I’d be into this sort of thing but here I am.

  3. EVERYONE should do due diligence on prospective play partners. Play safe damnit!