Third time's the charm

One, big, sweaty gropefest of a charm. A bridge building, barrier breaking charm.

Last cheap mlb jerseys month at SELF, the gentlemen I played with were kind enough to invite me to a regional play party for all the gay and bisexual guys into kink around Atlanta. Being the horny, innocent guy I was, I said I’d love to and spent the next month in a state of constant excitement/nervousness, in keeping with my previous posts.

I think rather than try to summarize things chronologically, it would be best to go through my experiences one by one, starting with my favorite.

The biggest, most important event of the evening was breaking through my biggest barrier: my cock. Up ’til now I’ve been incredibly nervous about it, the way it looks, the way it behaves. However, an unexpected guest, who shall remain nameless, unaware of my limits in that area, went right for it, skipping the pleasantries. So here I was, presented with a challenge. This stranger I had only known for two hours was suddenly getting very personal with my dick, something that hadn’t happened since my last physical when I was in 8th grade. Should I stop him, I thought to myself, or just go with it? Everyone in the room could sense my hesitation.

I elected to go with it. And let me tell you, that was the right decision. The ice was broken and the fun really started. The stranger, who I’ll call M from here on, spent the next 15 minutes or so groping, choking and tickling me while his partner (who I’ll call K) got some sensation play wholesale jerseys done to him by loki.

The second, but far more fun thing was me topping K. I had been considering it for some time, but after M broke the ice I decided facilement I would do it. The only problem was, K was a teensy bit nervous about being around so many people. The only way I saw to fix that was to put a collar and leash on him with his hands cuffed behind his back while he was wearing nothing but an underarmour jockstrap. We did that for a few minutes (someone trying to give a handjob with their wrists cuffed is cheap jerseys the cutest thing…) before I had a huge brainwave.

After about five minutes of trying to wrangle gear and a space, I finally had K standing against Dos a wall with his wrists and ankles chained off to the corners, leaving his entire body completely exposed. Not being one to waste a good thing, I took advantage of the situation and gave him what I thought was a very good sensation play session from a beginner. Trusting my instincts, I did whatever felt right, pinching his nipples, choking him a little bit or even just embracing wholesale nfl jerseys him. It felt absolutely incredible. The Tips reaction I got from pinching his nipples and handgagging him was amazing. Having that sort of control felt natural and right. I think I’m a true switch.

Breaking the ice with M lead directly to the fourth important thing, the one-on-one session I had with loki after I finished with K. In Dos, I talked at length about what he put me through to give me my first experience as a sub. With one of my limits removed however, this second experience was far more meaningful in terms of how I perceive him now and in the future.

Having bad experiences is a good thing as well, which is why number five is the suspension bondage I got to experience. From the get go, my physique made the suspension incredibly painful. The pressure on my hands from the cuffs was concentrated in my left palm, detracting a huge part of my mind from the experience. Not that it was all bad, the helplessness was a great feeling, especially when loki stepped on the chains linking the ankle restraints. Unfortunately, there was a lot of tickling involved.

Let me stop here and say that, while I didn’t particularly care for it, I understand tickling’s place in a top’s arsenal. Furthermore, while it’s not a limit, I really, really hate getting tickled, hence why I was mercilessly tickled by K, M and loki.

At one point, loki brought out a ballgag so they could keep my shrieking laughter down to a dull roar. I’m a huge proponent of gags, I think they make every scene better, but they’re not really for me as a bottom. For a while, I managed to hold my own, enjoying my newfound inability to speak. But then, something happened and my overactive gag reflex triggered. I jolted, almost nailed loki in the balls and Now had to spit the gag out (thank god it wasn’t buckled). The blame lies mostly on me though, I knew about my gag reflex and neglected to mention it when they first started talking about gags. Like I said though, bad experiences are good for your experience overall. I wont make that mistake with gags again.

There were other amazing experiences that night as well too. The straitjacket from SELF made a reappearance, as did the hood. I spent about half an hour in the SJ and hood, but I wouldn’t have minded skipping the entire thing. That night was about taking things slow and easing myself into things. The party though was more about exploring my boundaries and First limits, learning new things, getting more experience etc. I should say though that the SJ+hood combo got me in a really submissive space, especially since I was kneeling on the floor for a few minutes totally alone and blind.

I also got my first taste of pup play (thanks to whoever loaned out their fistmitts), being forced to crawl on all fours around the dungeon on a cheap mlb jerseys leash. If I do any of that in the future though, I’ll have to dedicate more time to getting into the proper headspace. I never got past just being on all fours. Something to think about in the future. Plus, I’ll also need some knee pads.

All in all, I had a fantastic evening and I’m eternally grateful to everyone who made it possible. Special thanks to M for blowing right through that barrier accidentally. I don’t know how I would have gotten past it on my own.