Saturday, atlloki and I attended an educational forum at 1763 (a local dungeon) with some playtime afterwards. He wanted to practice his ropework and I wanted to get tied up so it was a pretty good match.

I had earlier voiced my interest in being collared for an event and loki was happy to make that happen. He started me off with a short choke chain locked loosely around my neck. Like I mentioned in my last post, collars seem to really trigger my submissive side and this collar seemed to amplify that effect 10-fold. Not content with just that, he added a second brown leather collar strapped on (but not locked) tightly around my neck. Whereas the chain and lock were relatively light, this collar had some real weight to it and it stayed in the back of my mind all night.

Once I was properly collared we sat in on the evening’s main event: a talk about “landmines in the lifestyle”. While I personally don’t (think I) have any cheap MLB jerseys “landmines” it did make me more aware that others might and that you should ALWAYS talk to your top/bottom before a scene. Once that was done, we helped clear the tables and chairs out of the way and the fun could begin.

After we had secured our play area, loki told me it was time to start. Without batting an eye, I took off my shirt and jeans to reveal the new singlet I got early last week. Now I’m not going to lie here, I look damn good in any singlet and this one was no exception. No sags, no bunching, just a thin layer of polyester/spandex blend conforming to every inch of my upper body, leaving little to the imagination. loki got to work and quickly had wholesale NBA jerseys me wrapped in a tight foundation harness which he then used to secure my wrists and arms. This is what I looked like.

I’ve never been tied up with rope, so I’m not really qualified to judge him on the overall quality, but I had zero chance of escaping my bonds so he did a damn fine job in my book. By the time he was finished, I was standing straight as a rail lashed to a post at my shoulders, wrists, knees and ankles, unable to move anything except my hands.

Unfortunately, I’m not used to standing in one spot without moving for long periods of time so I had to be untied rather quickly. After a quick rest and water break, we moved into one of the quieter side rooms. Loki showed me some of the knots he had just used on me and gave me a chance to try them on my own. I asked some more “no question is too stupid” questions and ended with “hey, think I can try on that neoprene blackout hood?”.

Neoprene and I go back a few years. A wetsuit from Dick’s Sporting Goods was one of the first things I purchased thanks to the freedom of my driver’s license. I’ve spent many an hour at home, (self) bound in my closet, letting the heat turn the inside into a neopreney-smelling sauna, emerging with a smell that clings to me even after a heavy shower.

This was, to date, the heaviest hood I’ve worn and I (think) I took it like a champ, wearing it for about five minutes. The combination of being unable to see and having my airflow slightly restricted, as exciting as it is, can make me feel a bit panicky. I would have had to bail a lot sooner if loki hadn’t been touching me, letting me know he was there the whole time.

The hood came off, I checked out my hair in the mirror (hood hair = awesome hair) and we tried to decide what to do next. One of the other players wandered into our room and mentioned to loki that one of his friends was getting tied in the main room and that he should check it out. Right as he was getting up to leave Together I had a massive lightbulb go off in my head and I asked him to wait for a second.

I fished through his toybox, pulled out about 10 feet of rope and then grabbed the handcuffs out of my bag. I shackled my wrists in front, threaded the rope through the D-ring on the leather collar and handed the end to loki. I was a bit apprehensive about this part. I perceived that I was asking someone who was mostly submissive to take on a significantly dominant role in order to fulfill one of my fantasies. He was happy to take on the role however, leading me around the dungeon to spectate the other scenes, keeping the rope taught the whole time, reminding me that I was, in fact, the sub.

A few minutes into it, I really started to get into the submissive headspace. I tended to stay close to him and kept my head down, staring at the floor for the most part. He reciprocated by pulling in most of the slack on the leash to the point where I was unable to move any direction.

Perhaps he intended to do it all along, or maybe I tipped him off, but loki ramped it up after this point. He pulled me back to the room where we were set up and made me wait while he rifled through his toybox until he found what he was looking for: a spandex hood with a built in blindfold. It was slipped over my head and I said to myself “Self, surely he doesn’t expect you to walk around blind on a leash with your hands cuffed, does he?” He did indeed. However, as before with the neoprene hood, he was in contact cheap nba jerseys with me the entire way, switching between guiding me with a hand on my shoulder or shortening the leash to only a few inches. Finally he had me where he wanted me and pulled down on the leash until I was kneeling on the floor of the main dungeon.

In the past, I’ve been dismissive of “subspace”, thinking it wasn’t really my Time deal. Bondage is sex etc. But the things loki did, the sensation play, the embraces, the light breath control, got me in deep. It was incredible. After what felt like a few minutes (closer to 15) of light sensation play (fingernails dragged up and down my arms etc), he looped part the leash rope around my neck and Benefits applied some light pressure, just enough to cut off my airflow for a few seconds at a time. The first time he did this I was caught completely off guard but it was insanely hot. After this he went back to the sensation play before he slipped his fingers under my singlet and found my nipple. With one hand he started pinching softly, working it up to a sharp pain while he used the other hand to cut off my airflow again. I was more excited than I had ever been in my life.

Loki finally stood up and pulled me to my feet. Unsure of what to do or what was coming next, I stood there with my wrists cuffed and blindfolded until he slowly pulled the hood off my head. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would he be in some sort of sadistic topspace? Would I be cut loose and left to 10 deal with whatever crazy feelings I had on my own? The hood came off and I opened my eyes, adjusting to the dim light of the room. And there he was, staring me dead in the eye, a slight smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He embraced me in a deep hug and let me stay like that for a while.

Five minutes and a few nipple pinches later, he took olas me back to the set up area and told me to take a seat before he handed me a cup of water. He sat next to me and watched while I came back to reality, making sure, I assume, that I had no problems. My hands were uncuffed, the collars were unlocked and I was free again after spending my first six hours as a sub.

If I had to sum up that night, I’d say that it was an Google important second step on what is shaping up to be a long, exciting journey. The discoveries I made have blown my mind wide open and I’m incredibly excited for what comes next. The next two months are shaping up to be very busy and very fun.